Misuse of resources

IOM defines the misuse of IOM resources as using official property, assets, equipment or files, including electronic files or data, for private benefit or in way that is detrimental to the organization, including prohibited use of ICT resources.

But what does this mean?

This means that you should not use work property for personal activities and benefit. Data is also considered an IOM resource and it cannot be shared or exploited for personal profit. This includes use of technologies that might create a conflict of interest, damage the IOM’s reputation, or allow illegal activity. 

Misuse of resources involves the use of official property for personal gain.

Examples include:

  • Transferring or disclosing internal, confidential IOM information and data
  • Maliciously destroying a computer’s security protection settings (for example, anti-virus scans)
  • Accessing, viewing, storing, or sharing sexually explicit images, text, cartoons, jokes, or any other form of sexually explicit material, or failing to immediately delete such material if received


The listed above is not complete –similar inappropriate actions are also considered misconduct. Learn more about misuse of IOM resources in IN/123 Rev. 1 (HYPERLINK) and ___?

What counts as “Misuse of Resources”? Here are a few real-life cases at IOM that resulted in disciplinary measures.

  • OIG to add examples
Last updated: 16 May 2019

I want awareness-raising tools that have been designed to prevent and respond to this misconduct.


I need training material on this misconduct to spread IOM’s zero tolerance policy.

Policies & Procedures

I would like to reference IOM’s policies, instructions and procedures on this misconduct.