Other misconduct

If you aren’t sure how you should act, remember to re-read the IOM Standards of Conduct (HYPERLINK). They can help you recognize misconduct and prevent you from acting improperly.

Remember, you are required to abide by IOM values:

  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Independence
  • Impartiality
  • International outlook
  • Freedom from discrimination
  • Freedom from harassment
  • Gender equality


You represent IOM during your work day as well as your free time. Do your best to ​guard IOM’s integrity and reputation and avoid misconduct. If you have further questions, contact the Ethics and Conduct Office at ECO@iom.int.

Last updated: 30 July 2019

I want awareness-raising tools that have been designed to prevent and respond to this misconduct.


I need training material on this misconduct to spread IOM’s zero tolerance policy.

Policies & Procedures

I would like to reference IOM’s policies, instructions and procedures on this misconduct.