Staff reporting in good faith have the right to be protected against reprisals or sanctions. IOM is committed to protecting staff members from retaliation, or fear of retaliation, as a result of reporting misconduct.

Retaliation means any direct or indirect detrimental action, recommended, threatened or taken because an individual raises concerns makes a complaint or assists in providing information about harassment or abuse of authority. Retaliation could occur because a staff member has reported an irregular practice, wrongdoing or misconduct.

Retaliation against whistle-blowers is considered misconduct and is subject to investigation and disciplinary action.

 Examples retaliation include:

  • Making threats
  • Taking away duties
  • Giving poor performance appraisals
  • Terminating or not renewing contracts

You have a duty to report any breach of IOM’s rules and regulations. Staff members reporting in good faith are protected against retaliation.

Last updated: 16 March 2022