IOM personnel are expected to adopt exemplary standards of personal behaviour and the highest level of integrity.  Your conduct – even outside work and even if unrelated to duties -- should not compromise the interests of IOM, bring it into discredit or offend the community in which you live. Your loyalty to IOM means putting the good of the Organization above personal, national or other interests.

IOM's Core Values

All persons employed by or working for IOM worldwide are bound by IOM’s Standards of Conduct. IOM’s core values include:

  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Independence
  • Impartiality
  • International outlook
  • Freedom from discrimination
  • Freedom from harassment
  • Gender equality
Examples of Situations Requiring Caution

There are many possible situations where you should exercise caution or seek additional advice.

For example:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Use of IOM property and assets
  • Relations with governments
  • Relations with the public
  • Contact with the media
  • Use and protection of information, including on social media
  • Respect for local cultures and customs
  • Personal conduct
  • Outside employment and activities
  • Political activities
  • Gifts, honours and remuneration from outside sources.

If you have questions about ethics at IOM, please review the IOM Standards of Conduct (IN/15 Rev. 1), or contact the Office of Ethics and Conduct at

Examples of Other Types of Misconduct

Examples of other types of misconduct at IOM that resulted in disciplinary measures:

  • Staff member appeared in the media in a way that connoted a controversial political affiliation.
  • Staff member assaulted a driver while on duty in a community in which IOM operates.
  • Staff member behaved inappropriately outside of work and demonstrated a clear lack of judgment which resulted in their arrest by the local police.
  • Staff member used “Facebook” to post inappropriate comments about politician and their family.
  • Staff member was visited in their office during working hours by an outside visitor where they engaged in intimacies which were inappropriate due to the presence of colleagues.
  • Staff member reported to duty under the influence of alcohol and engaged in an argument with an outside visitor.
  • Staff member used social media to threaten the COM and publicly criticized the COM and IOM and performed unauthorized outside activities.
  • Staff member engaged in undisclosed outside activities offering the same services offered by the Organization.
  • Staff member had unauthorized absences from duty.
  • Staff members actively misled the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) during an investigation.
  • Staff member engaged in insubordination and inappropriate contacts with Government representatives.
  • Staff members failed to immediately report illegal activities of external agents at IOM premises.
  • Staff member disregarded UNDSS directives relating to travelling hours and instructions from the COM.
  • Staff member shared personal PRISM password leading to financial losses through fraud (mitigating circumstances).


    Please remember that you represent IOM during your workday as well as in your free time. Do your best to guard IOM’s integrity and reputation and avoid misconduct. You have a duty to report any breach of IOM’s rules and regulations. Staff members reporting in good faith have the right to seek protection against retaliation. Failure to report suspected misconduct may constitute a violation of IOM’s rules and regulations and may be subject to investigation and disciplinary action.


    Last updated: 11 May 2022